Jessica Belangee was brought up in the rural Midwest, where her love of flora and fauna grew tremendously. She spent her days exploring these forests, fields, and winding creeks, gathering various organic elements to examine and collect. Her deep appreciation of these intricate natural objects, such as flowers and fungus, reflects her current trajectory in her work. After studying painting the landscape, her ideologies become more cohesive as she searched for deeper meaning.

Recording the objects as intricate drawings, the metaphor for mental strife began. Collections of organic form became the subconscious and the breakdown of imagery became intrusive thought. The parasitic entity of mental illness and how it bends reality is what she wants to discuss with materiality and cohesion. Collage elements also fracture and disrupt, something she also uses to ‘destroy’ her work. Transgression of memory, self-destruction, and warped perception are things she finds intrinsic in her work.

As an emerging artist, Jessica is currently a Master’s of Fine Arts Alumni from University of Kansas, with a focus in drawing and painting. She obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville in 2014.